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Taryn Rose – Rebel December 16, 2009

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Who knows about comfortable footwear better than anyone else? An orthopedic surgeon whose years of practice and research proved that most foot pain is caused by ill-fitting shoes. That is why Taryn Rose designed a line of footwear that is both comfortable – day in and day out. Taryn Rose International is the only shoe company to use Poron®  (memory foam) padding – a cushioning structure created by NASA that retains 95% of resiliency after years of wear.

The company also gives importance to luxury and sophistication. This  Rebel platform wedge is one example of comfort and style mix together. It is made of imported calf leather and is mainly hand-sewn in Italy. Its simplicity illustrates sheer elegance and opulent materials. The four-inch wedge heel not only gives a nice lift but also gives support with its ergonomic arch and  Poron® insole padding. While its elegant design makes if flexible to go with  any outfit.

On sale now at $192.50, this pair is definitely a better investment than any of those expensive, pretentious brands.


If I Were to Dress a Friend: Joann December 14, 2009

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Joann is a fun-loving, vibrant, and fashion-minded individual who is not scared to try out new things and put on random items to create a unique ensemble. Her spirited attitude is often reflected on her colorful clothes that light up her personality even more. She is the only person I know who can wear a bright dress in the middle of bleak winter and pull it off. If she were a season, she would be both Spring and Fall – bright and intense.

I would love to see her in this embroidered multi-color patchwork dress from Oscar de la Renta. The contrasting dark and bright colors work together to create a look fit for either Spring or Autumn. The details- sequins and beads- are like the little traits that make Joann such a wonderful person. The patchwork are representative to the different lives she has touched with her joyous personality. Metaphor aside, the tube top accentuates her bust without revealing too much while the pleated skirt highlights her beautiful curves. This dressdefinitely complements her features and personality.


Spring 2010: Alexander McQueen December 11, 2009

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Iridescent was the word to describe Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Collection during the Paris Fashion Week last October.The award-winning fashion designer who likes scuba diving, took his inspiration from the colorful world under the sea. His designs featured digitally-enhanced prismatic fabrics, flowing skirts, wavy cuts, and shimmering sequins and beads. The show gave the audience the illusion of boarding Captain Nemo’s submarine in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

In creating this illusion, the models wore form-fitting dresses that almost looked like an extension of their bodies. Their hair was swept up in curves that looked like fins and they wore gigantic boots with curved heels that looked like fish.

Alexander McQueen is known for his avant-garde designs but his Spring 2010 Collection is by far his most precocious creation.


Layered Tights: Stay Warm, Look Fab December 9, 2009

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If you live in cold places, wearing tights is more of a necessity than a fashion statement. More often than not, you would rather wear those plain, opaque tights that provide warmth over those cute mesh or fishnets. I would not be surprised if you have a pair of those thick sweater tights. There is nothing wrong with that. Some of them are cute, anyway. However, if you want to glam it up without being worried about overdoing it, try layering up your tights – plain, opaque tights under mesh or fishnets! I have tried this with purple opaque tights and black patterned ones. The outcome was impressive! It did not even look like I was wearing layered tights at all. It kept me warm enough I must say it was better than wearing those bulky sweater tights.

Layering up tights is a good way to stay warm and look fab at the same time. It is also a great way to wear those bright colored tights or conspicuous fishnets without being too flagrant. Most of all, you can mix and match so you will get a new each time. Many tights come in two pairs – dark and bright colors, or plain and patterned. For a classy look, try wearing a bright-colored opaque tights under dark mesh,fishnets, or sheer tights.


Peep-toe Booties from Bakers December 8, 2009

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Booties are cute but most of them are not flexible enough to be worn with any outfit. I have been looking for a pair of booties to wear not only this season but anytime of the year. While most booties look very good with jeans and sporty attire, I wanted a pair that will go well with jeans, skirts, and dresses. It took me a little while until I went to BAKERS and found what I wanted.

This Emily bootie is perfect for skinnies, skirts, and even dresses. The cut-out design and bronze strap décor make it look dressy and although it is made of synthetic leather, the matte finish gives it an authentic look. Meanwhile, the elevating platform and heels give me that boost of confidence I need. Most importantly, the color combination will allow me to wear it with different outfits – from  jeans to LBDs. I am planning to wear it with a black dress, along with a brown cropped top and layered tights. Metallic colors are predicted to be a hit next spring. The bronze accent of this bootie will definitely extend the list of outfits with which it can be worn.


BAKERS Shoes -TAMRA December 2, 2009

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Looking for something to dazzle up your special night? This shoe may be the right one for you – Tamra by Bakers. This snake embossed leather sandal is highlighted with charming multi-colored jewels. The jewels also are cut in different sizes so that they give extra spark. Although this sandal comes only in silver, the style and color will match many evening dresses – from that little black dress to that shimmery cocktail dress.

It is available from sizes 5 1/2 – 7 1/2 but it surprisingly comes small so even those who wear small sizes may find this sandal a perfect fit for them. Most importantly, the price has been reduced to just $29.99.

I had been eying on this for months and almost lost hope on it. I did not want to buy it then since the price was a bit too much for me. I was so thrilled when it finally went on sale!