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If I Were to Dress a Friend: Joann December 14, 2009

Filed under: Playing Fashion Consultant — Mandy Childers @ 12:30 PM

Joann is a fun-loving, vibrant, and fashion-minded individual who is not scared to try out new things and put on random items to create a unique ensemble. Her spirited attitude is often reflected on her colorful clothes that light up her personality even more. She is the only person I know who can wear a bright dress in the middle of bleak winter and pull it off. If she were a season, she would be both Spring and Fall – bright and intense.

I would love to see her in this embroidered multi-color patchwork dress from Oscar de la Renta. The contrasting dark and bright colors work together to create a look fit for either Spring or Autumn. The details- sequins and beads- are like the little traits that make Joann such a wonderful person. The patchwork are representative to the different lives she has touched with her joyous personality. Metaphor aside, the tube top accentuates her bust without revealing too much while the pleated skirt highlights her beautiful curves. This dressdefinitely complements her features and personality.


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