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How to Rock on Cargo Pants March 12, 2010

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Men can easily rock on cargo pants. All they need are a nice shirt – short or long-sleeved, a decent pair of shoes, and a hot bod like Hugh Jackman’s. No effort.

Cargo pants for women may need a little bit of planning. Baggy cargo pants are best worn with a form-fitting shirt, a jacket and flat sandals.

Cargo capris on the other hand look fabulous when worn with layered shirts, a jacket, and striking heels.

While cargo shorts for women are fabulous when they are extra short. I like to pair them with a drop waist shirt and lace sandals that tie around the ankles.  Accessories help a lot, too – military hats and sunglasses. However, the most important factor is confidence and everything else will fall into its place.


The Perfect Dress for Your Body Type November 23, 2009

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‘Tis the season of merriment – office parties, family reunions, and the like. It is the time of the year when women ransack their closets or head to the stores to find some nice dress so that they could look their best. Choosing the right dress could be a dilemma especially to some (of us) who have problems with body shapes. More often than not, that perfect dress hanging by the rack doesn’t look right when you put it on. It either makes your hips look wider or your bust look fuller. Shopping for that perfect dress could be frustrating. Sometimes, you can’t help wishing you had a body like that of a mannequin or Heidi Klum.Well, you may not have that “perfect” body but you can have that perfect dress. It is important to know which style suits you and what body type you have.

Straight Body Type ( Rectangle or Ruler)

This body type is mostly common. The hips and bust are balanced and the waist is not very defined. The bottom may be more flat than round. If you have this body type, try to put emphasis on your waist while making  sure you dress the top and bottom of your body proportionally.

Tops: wide collared jackets; structured sleeves; shirts with embellishments across the bust; V-neckline with empire waist; wide belted tops

Bottoms: pants with wide waist band; flap rear pockets; boot cut or flared jeans with low or mid-rise waist; skirts with details -seaming or pockets- around the hips

Dresses: full or flutter sleeves; ruched or draped across the bust; off shoulder dresses with A-line or full skirt; fitted or belted waist

Pear Body Type (Triangle)

If you have seen a pear, then you may have an idea how this body type looks like. The lower body (hips) is larger than the upper body (bust). The waist however, is well-defined. The key to styling this body type is to bring the attention to the upper body while still defining the waistline and making the lower body proportionate to the upper body.In other words, try to create an hourglass figure.

Tops: wide, V-necklines; fitted waist and details around the bust and shoulders;  structured or padded shoulders to enhance the upper body.

Bottoms: A-line skirts; lightly gathered skirts that skim the bottom; dark pants with no or minimal pockets; mid-rise waist; boot-cut or trouser-cut jeans.

Dresses:  full sleeves and wide necklines; A-line skirts and fitted waist; off shoulder or strapless

Apple Body Type ( Inverted Triangle)

This is just the opposite of the pear body shape. The upper body is proportionally large –  broad shoulders, full bust, wide back. The waist and hips are slim and the bottom may be more flat than round. If you have this body type, you will need to bring emphasis on your lower body to create that hourglass figure.

Tops: shirts with deep scoop necklines; vertical details; deep V-neck shirts that wrap around the waist, nipped-in waist

Bottoms: full or ballerina type skirts; A-line skirts; wide-legged dress pants with flap rear pockets; full legged cargo pants

Dresses: wrap dresses with deep V-neck and full skirt; coats with large hip pockets

Whatever your body type is, the key is to create a balance to your proportions. It is also important to know your best assets. So next time you shop for that perfect dress, try to take note of your body features, too.