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Dress Shirts: French Cuffs November 15, 2009

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Twill Dash StripeWhat are cuff links for if not to go with French cuff shirts? As fancy as those cuff links can be, they won’t be of any use if you do not have these shirts.

Choosing shirts can be difficult though, especially when you do not know your exact size. Unlike T-shirts, French cuff shirts and other dress shirts are not classified as small, medium, or large. There may be some manufacturers that mark their dress shirts as standard sizes but for a proper fit, it is important to know how to find your right size.

There are two factors to consider: the collar girth and the sleeve length. The collar girth is measured from the center of the top button and the center of the corresponding buttonhole. The sleeve length on the other hand is measured from the center of the back and shoulders to the wrist. A man who wears a large size T-shirt may not necessarily fit in a dress shirt marked as large. In the United States, off the rack dress shirts consist of two numbers to indicate the size. For example, 16, 32, meaning the neck girth is 16 inches and the sleeve length is 32 inches. However, to lessen the number of shirt fabrication, some shirts are marked as 16, 32/33  which means that the sleeve length is 33 inches but the cuff has been adjusted so that it will fit the shorter length. As for the waist size, most shirts are cut wide to accommodate most belly sizes.  It will be helpful to have a tailor or a sales person at your favorite store take your measurement so that you will get the right size each time you buy shirts.

There are several distinguished shirt makers around the world like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren but you should not limit your choices. There are also many stores that sell affordable French cuff shirts like Paul Frederick, Macy’s, JC Penney, JoS. A. Bank, and even Kohl’s. So long as it is the right fit, color, and fabric for you, it should make you feel good about yourself.

These three dress shirts I found online are great examples of simple elegance and comfort minus the high price.

Paul Frederick Satin Link Stripe French Cuff Shirt; soft and lustrous 100’s 2-ply broadcloth; classic black & white design; traditional straight collar; sale $39.95; available online

Paul Frederick Satin Link Stripe

Stafford® Signature Executive French Cuff Shirt; iron-free performance; wicks moisture away from the skin; sale $24.99 to $27.99; available at JC Penney


Geoffrey Beene Dress Shirt, Cool & Dry French Cuff; cotton/polyester; ultra -soft and smooth; adjustable button cuff; spread collar; $22.50; available at Macy’s

Geoffrey Beene


Cuff Links : How To’s and How Much November 7, 2009

Cuff links may not be as conspicuous as a woman’s earrings but these tiny accessories give a man’s look more panache.  A man in a suit is just another man until he lifts his hand and that fleeting spark captures your eyes. Then it all becomes a different picture – that of charm and masculine grace.

Cuff links (also cufflinks and cuff-links), have been a man’s adornment since the 17th Century. Its origin however, goes back to the Middle Ages when fashionable men wore cuff strings. Since then, cuff links have evolved into many designs and types. Just as women’s earrings are made of different metals and embellished with dazzling stones, cuff links are also made of different metals and burnished with precious gems or novel materials. There are three common types of cuff links: T-shape, shackle or chain link, and mushroom-shaped. Among these three, the T-shape is the most common type.

Like any accessories, cuff links are worn with some rules and guidelines.First, they must be worn with French cuff shirts and more visible when worn with a suit jacket. Second, cuff links should complement the rest of the accessories like wedding band, stud sets, watch, or even the belt buckle. Third, the color, style, or embellishment of the cuff links should match the type of event one is attending. Casual designs or novelty cuff links are best worn at casual gatherings.

Nowadays, cuff links are one of the few accessories that a man wears. Depending on the materials, accents, and make, prices of cuff links very greatly – from $10 to $1000, or even more. Although, cuff links are no longer reserved for the high class population, some brands still prove these tiny adornments can cost big.

Links of London

Links of London-Rogue Tusk Sterling Silver

Rogue Tusk Sterling Silver Chainlink Cufflinks –Generously heavy; tactile in hands; go great for casual and formal events;$190

Links of London Classic Button Chainlink

Classic Button Chainlink Cufflinks in Sterling Silver – Simple classic design that speaks elegance; for formal or casual events; $190


Gucci Aged Sterling

Aged Sterling Silver Crest Cuff Links – Cut-out crest and cord motif in aged sterling silver;

Made in Italy;$350

Tiffany & Co.

Elsa Peretti Bean Cuff Links-Lapis Lazuli

Elsa Peretti Bean cuff  links – Lapis lazuli in sterling silver; $775

Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle Cuff Links

Elsa Peretti Eternal Circle cuff links – 18 karat gold; $1,450; in sterling silver, $250


Cartier 3-gold

Cartier 3-Gold – Three intertwined golds – yellow, white, rose; sign of refinement; pricing info not available online

Cartier -Elongated C

Cartier Elongated C cufflinks – sterling silver with Rhodium finish; double flip-over sytem; pricing info not available online

De Beers

De Beers Babylon Diamond

Babylon Diamond Cufflinks ; De Beers Talisman collection;18K yellow gold; set with two rough diamonds; Hallmark setting; Total carat weight 1.26; $1600

De Beers Talisman Sun Cufflinks

Sun Diamond Cufflinks; De Beers Talisman Collection; 18K yellow gold; set with a selection of white and fancy color round brilliant polished diamonds; Hallmark setting; 0.96 carat weight;$2800

David Yurman

DY-Cable Classic DY Cable Classic

Cable Classics cuff links; from the Cable Classics Collection; sterling silver; matte finish; with Cable inset; $295

DY Pave Diamond DY Pave Diamond-close up

Pave Diamond cuff links; 18K yellow gold; pave diamonds 1.36 total carat weight; cable trim; 2/3″ square; $5600


Børn to be Wild November 4, 2009

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Born ShoesRough and tough. These are the two words that mostly come to mind when describing men’s footwear. Shoes for men have been mainly designed to stand the brusque elements of the outdoors and outlast the constant wear and tear of everyday life. While toughness on the outside is associated with good quality, toughness on the inside is usually a painful blister waiting to happen.

Fortunately, Børn makes innovative shoe designs for the modern man and his demanding lifestyle. For over a decade now, the company has gained a number of enthusiasts. Known for its  fine leather shoes with handcrafted designs, Børn shoes are not only about durability and style but also comfort. Not to mention, a variety of styles to suit different facets of life – from sandals to boots, sneakers to formal shoes.  Børn shoes also feature rubber soles, “Opanka” hand-sewn construction, leather lining, padded insoles, full-grain leather, and plastic or metallic shank – details that make each pair special and different from another. Lastly, Børn’s classic designs could never go wrong.

So, whether you are a busy man who spends his day at the office or an adventurer who explores the great outdoors, Børn has something for you.


Shoes Aren’t Like Dates November 2, 2009

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mens-shoesA man needs only a few pairs of shoes but when he does, he needs the finest of  them. Shoes that last through wear and tear, stand the cruel outdoors, yet polished enough to help him score a date – or two.

There are numerous brands in the market -from cheap unknown brands to ostentatious designer brands. However, looks, names, and price could be misleading. Great quality doesn’t always go with those three.

Since most men do not buy shoes as often as women do, it is fair enough that they invest on the pairs they buy. Durability, comfort, and style are the top factors they should consider and these factors should go altogether. It is also fair to say that patience in shopping for shoes is one thing that will help a man choose the right pair for him. Unlike a date, a pair of shoes can’t be just dumped the next morning if nothing works out.