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Børn to be Wild November 4, 2009

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Born ShoesRough and tough. These are the two words that mostly come to mind when describing men’s footwear. Shoes for men have been mainly designed to stand the brusque elements of the outdoors and outlast the constant wear and tear of everyday life. While toughness on the outside is associated with good quality, toughness on the inside is usually a painful blister waiting to happen.

Fortunately, Børn makes innovative shoe designs for the modern man and his demanding lifestyle. For over a decade now, the company has gained a number of enthusiasts. Known for its  fine leather shoes with handcrafted designs, Børn shoes are not only about durability and style but also comfort. Not to mention, a variety of styles to suit different facets of life – from sandals to boots, sneakers to formal shoes.  Børn shoes also feature rubber soles, “Opanka” hand-sewn construction, leather lining, padded insoles, full-grain leather, and plastic or metallic shank – details that make each pair special and different from another. Lastly, Børn’s classic designs could never go wrong.

So, whether you are a busy man who spends his day at the office or an adventurer who explores the great outdoors, Børn has something for you.


Shoes Aren’t Like Dates November 2, 2009

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mens-shoesA man needs only a few pairs of shoes but when he does, he needs the finest of  them. Shoes that last through wear and tear, stand the cruel outdoors, yet polished enough to help him score a date – or two.

There are numerous brands in the market -from cheap unknown brands to ostentatious designer brands. However, looks, names, and price could be misleading. Great quality doesn’t always go with those three.

Since most men do not buy shoes as often as women do, it is fair enough that they invest on the pairs they buy. Durability, comfort, and style are the top factors they should consider and these factors should go altogether. It is also fair to say that patience in shopping for shoes is one thing that will help a man choose the right pair for him. Unlike a date, a pair of shoes can’t be just dumped the next morning if nothing works out.