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Taryn Rose – Rebel December 16, 2009

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Who knows about comfortable footwear better than anyone else? An orthopedic surgeon whose years of practice and research proved that most foot pain is caused by ill-fitting shoes. That is why Taryn Rose designed a line of footwear that is both comfortable – day in and day out. Taryn Rose International is the only shoe company to use Poron®  (memory foam) padding – a cushioning structure created by NASA that retains 95% of resiliency after years of wear.

The company also gives importance to luxury and sophistication. This  Rebel platform wedge is one example of comfort and style mix together. It is made of imported calf leather and is mainly hand-sewn in Italy. Its simplicity illustrates sheer elegance and opulent materials. The four-inch wedge heel not only gives a nice lift but also gives support with its ergonomic arch and  Poron® insole padding. While its elegant design makes if flexible to go with  any outfit.

On sale now at $192.50, this pair is definitely a better investment than any of those expensive, pretentious brands.


Deanna Canvas Sneaker by Juicy Couture October 29, 2009

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Juicy Couture

Deanna Canvas

Juicy Couture is originally known for its velour tracksuits. Madonna even made them a trend. However, Juicy Couture has more to offer than just tracksuits. Today, the brand also carries handbags, accessories, jewelry, high-end apparel, perfumes, and footwear.

While everyone was going crazy over Havaianas, I chose to buy Juicy Couture sandals and never regretted a day. Not only were they a fabulous find, they were also surprisingly comfortable. The insoles were much softer than Havaianas. Plus, they looked more sophisticated – bejeweled letter J charm, floral prints, and Juicy Couture logo printed across the sides. I found another reason to love Juicy Couture and check their site more often.

My latest favorite is a pair of sneakers – Deanna Canvas in pink. Sneakers are usually associated with comfort, but with style? Not necessarily. Yet with these sneakers, Juicy Couture made comfort and cuteness come together. The classic canvas  gets a fabulous and playful look with Peace Love Juicy print. Added to that is the embossed slogan, “Smells like Couture” on the rubber soles. Want more details? What about the crown and brand logo on the flap and on the insoles. Not to mention, the crown on the heels. Now, that’s what I call juicy details.

This pair is perfect for girls (and ladies) who want to give their casual look a zing. The prints on the canvas and  soles make one feel special that Juicy Couture put so much details into their products yet,  feel comfortable with the subtlety. This is suitable for people who want to know they are wearing intricate designs but do not want to be seen from a mile away.

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