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Prints and Prints March 2, 2010

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Wearing prints with solid colors has always been the convenient way to mix and match clothes. This season however, fashion designers take a risky step in mixing prints.

Mixing prints can be tricky especially when one does not know how. Polka dots alone look classic but polka dots and plaid are a disaster. It is hard to wear prints and prints together. So, how do some of the bold designers do it?

Diane von Furstenberg does it with complementary colors. Her creation features a highlighted print  (in this design a floral one) paired with geometrical  and other prints with colors that complement each other. From afar, the design looks smooth and continuous.

Etro on the other hand,  mixes floral with floral. In this particular design, the red and white floral top is paired with a floral print vest with  gray background. The gray  neutralizes the brightness of red  and playful floral print.

White|Black uses a pop of color in their style. A black and white rose print top with a splash of color paired with a striped belt. The black-and-white hue combination gives subtlety to the bold prints while the splash of color gives the entire design a youthful look. The striped belt added neat lines to the entire outfit.

With these gorgeous designs, who says you can never mix prints together? Although it is a bit difficult and many may need getting used to it, the key is to balance the ensemble. Pair outrageous prints with clean ones, bright colors with neutral ones. Floral designs with thin stripes, or tiny polka dots with subdued floral designs. The combination can be limitless if you use your imagination and sensibility.